Gracielynne Flores is a dynamic cook who is deeply passionate about the intersection between food and people. Currently, she cooks for dinner parties and pop up events, following a few stints in the NYC culinary industry including her favourite 1 Michelin star restaurant, The Four Horsemen. Her future goal is to cook and front a small, casual restaurant / bar where she can partake in neighbourhood gossip while serving a rotating menu that will only consist of 3 items each for food and drink.

A plate full of wonder tells the stories inspiring the food Gracielynne makes. Her all time favourite food is fried chicken and bar drink of choice is the classic negroni.

For the place, that is history, tradition and culture
For the produce, if quality and sustainable, to cook simply
For the process, that is creative, dynamic but meditative
For the people, harvesting, cooking and sharing the joys of eating
Where conversations begin, relationships deepen, the ties that bind
All, with a plate full of wonder