Brinjal moju

Brinjal moju is an unassuming dish but all it takes is one bite…! In Sri Lanka, they call this a pickle and you can kind of see why with the involvement of vinegar and mustard. This is a simple thing to do on a weekday, and easy to pair with the contents of a wrap, salads, or your choice of carbs.


Brinjal, turmeric, roasted curry powder, black or yellow mustard seeds, white vinegar, sprig of curry leaves


Slice brinjal into small strips, sprinkle turmeric over and deep fry in coconut oil (you can reuse this oil for other things too so don’t throw it away) until dark brown. On the side, pound the mustard seeds in a mortar and pestle and then add white vinegar. Once brinjal is cooked, using a tong submerge the sprig of curry leaves in the hot oil for 5 seconds (it cooks quick!). Dust with roasted curry powder, salt, pepper and then pour over the mustard vinegrette and combine. Scatter curry leaves and have a cheeky first taste (or two) before your guests arrive.

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