An Ode To Corona

A week ago, Melissa (a good friend), threw me a challenge to provide easily accessible, versatile and easy to make home cooked dishes that involved little effort. As her sharp and quick texts rolled in, I couldn’t help but conjure a vision of Melissa and Edwin working from home whilst 2 years old Eliza wreaked havoc amidst the pile of instant noodles that would give them hypertension after the Coronavirus war was over. And so, whilst these asks presented several challenges to my experimental style, I said yes for the wellbeing of my friends and those who might benefit from this.

Not knowing at this stage how long lockdowns or circuit breakers (as branded in Singapore 😊) will last, I have also added a few other criteria – affordable but flavorful food that results in minimal waste. If you like variety as I do, how do you pair leftover salad with pasta for another day? These are all explored in the upcoming posts.

In summary, the guidance and recipes to be released consider the following criteria:

Easily accessible and affordable – A quick note that I live in Singapore, but the goal is to be considerate to a wide range of readers

Minimal effort – So that you can spend more time on that book, Netflix film or running after Eliza as part of your daily exercise in the confines of home

Versatile – Dishes that can be complementary to others, plus dishes that you will not get sick of

Minimal waste – This just got tougher, but Paul and I have been succeeding on our new year’s resolution so far so I can offer some tips. Or I also might have our neighbor and friends Fanny and Matthieu write a section on this 😊

Delicious and nutritious – Because when all is said and done about the Coronavius, you want to share your food with others and more importantly, make it to the beach!

Finally, be patient and kind to yourself especially if you’re new to cooking and put on some lively music in the background to have fun (or whistle and dance to the tunes). Feel free to reach out – I am happy to advice, share ingredients and take you through the process. Let’s cook!

With love and kindness,


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