Espresso martini

If you’re needing a perk me up for those early or late Zoom chats, an espresso martini is always a good choice. Paul and I made it our excuse for a fun day of cocktails which ended with a delightful homemade coq au vin (with some courage, I will post this after I’ve sought forgiveness from my French friends for using white vs red wine) for dinner.

Ingredients (Makes 1 drink)

40ml vodka, 20 ml espresso, 20ml kahlua, 4 ice cubes


In a shaker, pour all ingredients in. Top with a glass (if you don’t have a sophisticated shaker like me) and shake like there’s no tomorrow for roughly 20 seconds. You can absolutely dance to this as well, which arguably enhances the flavor 😉

Strain into favourite glass, pouring it just as you would with a beer – tilting to pour the martini against the glass before releasing it at the end to encourage the foam to build up. If you want to be cute, you might want to decorate with a bean or two – but not necessary. Cheers!

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