Jamming in 5

I woke up one morning desiring jam for my pancakes. A quick look in the fridge and there were the leftover tinned cherries swimming in its syrup, following an evening of Wisconsin style old fashion (a whiskey based concoction with muddled cherries). Was it possible? 5 minutes later with some heat, we were rewarded with a sticky, caramel and tart like cherry jam. We all need shortcuts sometimes, and this one is worth doing.


Tinned fruit – You can use cherries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pears etc. Don’t throw away the syrup that comes with it, this is what helps it cook


In a pan or small pot, throw in desired amount of tinned fruit and roughly an equal proportion of syrup. Break up the tinned fruit to desired size – I like mine chunky so I just let the heat do its work. If the fruit comes in big sizes, do yourself a favor by slicing it to chunks before throwing it into the pot. Simmer on medium heat (not covering the pot/pan) until the syrup has reduced and consistency is sticky. This takes me 5 minutes for 1 to 2 servings of jam so if you make a big batch, this will no doubt take longer.

Serve next to pancakes, keep it to pair with some cheese and crackers or if you’re feeling adventurous try it in your cake batter (I haven’t tried but let me know how it goes)!

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