Jayne’s Christmas Cookies

Christmas might threaten to make a weekly appearance in your household once you know how fuss free these cookies are. Jayne (my mother in law) makes this for the Feldhausen Christmas annually, and I haven’t been able to hold back from a pre-dinner cheeky snack (even with all the cheesecurds, pretzels and cold cuts!). Above all, these cookies are stress free (no bake and no measuring) and fun to make with your kids. You might just want to keep them in a safe location in the fridge, for fear of having to make more when it runs out quickly.


Chocolate of choice, chow mien noodles (see picture below or any dried yellow noodles that can be eaten dry), nuts of choice, greaseproof/baking paper, sea salt

Some quick notes here regarding the noodles – If you can’t find them, don’t fret. Substitute with pretzels chips, granola/cornflakes, plain biscuits/crackers (graham crackers probably best)

I haven’t added any measurements to the ingredients as everyone has preferences on what they like more of but if you need an estimate. 500g of chocolate, 1 cup of noodles, 1 cup of peanuts will make you ~ 10 big cookies.


Time: Prep – 0, Make – 15 mins, Patience – 1 hour and 10 mins

Melt your chocolate. I find the most effective way of melting anything is by boiling water in a pot and then reducing heat to lowest, with a metal bowl covering the pot (see picture below). This allows you to control the melt and not burn any of your precious ingredients as what might happen with a microwave or direct heat from the stove.

Once chocolate is melted and smooth, take it off the pot and throw in the peanuts and noodles (lightly break this by hand before throwing it in). Mix until the chocolate is all over all the ingredients.

Roll out greaseproof/baking paper on the countertop or large plate and using a spoon, scoop the cookies and lay it out in whatever messy shape or form – let it be abstract (it is beautiful that way). Get your kids involved. Perhaps they’d like to make some faces with some leftover noodles on the top or place some marshmallows or gummy bears. Don’t forget to sprinkle the cookies with some sea salt at the top (you want to do this when it has slightly cooled otherwise it melts) – this allows the chocolate to be more pronounced and also balances the sweetness overall.

Allow it to rest on the countertop for ~10mins before placing in the fridge to harden for at least an hour (it comes off the paper easily after as well) before enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee, and best with a glass of red.

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